How Business Can Become Family

Running a family business has its challenges, but when your staff is treated like family, life is a lot easier. Here at Laux Construction, we pride ourselves on truly being a family company, regardless of last names. We strive to extend our Laux family into the community by connecting with subcontractors, owners, and others every day not only professionally, but personally. If your goal for 2022 is to grow your company, or strengthen your team relations, keep reading!

Employee Appreciation Days

Fun fact, March 4th is National Employee Appreciation Day! The best way to show your employees you truly appreciate them is to act on it! Actions speak louder than words, right? Here at Laux, we plan Appreciation Days and close our office early to spend the afternoon together. Whether that be for a cornhole tournament or a golf outing, we want to show our staff we truly are grateful for them! We also give praise to employees who go above and beyond the job in our monthly company newsletter, as well as recognize the hard work of the project teams for new, current, and completed projects.

Open Communication and Understanding

Most companies claim to have an Open-Door policy but rarely act on it. This is an extremely important position to have, especially if you are working with family members. A business owner needs to understand everyone has lived a different life and handles things differently, as well as have the ability to separate work life from personal life. With a true Open-Door Policy, you’re allowing employees to open up to you, and allow them to feel heard and understood. The Harvard Business Review even recognized this saying “we’ve found that when employees can voice their concerns freely, organizations see increased retention and stronger performance.”

David Laux is true to his word and takes great pride in delivering high quality projects.Richard Terrill, Ingham County Facilities Director
Investing In Your Staff

Something companies unintentionally fall short of doing is investing in their staff. Not only do you want good employees, you want them to also feel good about their skills, as well as provide them opportunities to improve! Here at Laux, we have provided Apprenticeships that allow individuals to attend college while working. This allows them to receive traditional education, and the ability to apply that knowledge to the field directly after. We also offer training and certifications that strengthen our teams’ skills on site, as well as build the trust our clients have in us to provide incredible results.

Connecting With Community

For small businesses, it may seem like your work family is great and there’s no way to continue extending it apart from hiring more staff. But that’s not the case at all! Invite your clients to appreciation outings, or participate in community service in your area. You’ll not only improve your business relationships, but also increase your outreach when they tell their friends and family!  You can also make great impressions on your community by participating in activities, even when they’re not your target audience. When people know you personally, they’re more likely to trust you professionally.

Mr. Greg Post […] took the time to explain where Laux Construction was, regarding the project schedule, and give firsthand tours of the project to explain any questions the city had pertaining to construction methods. He was always courteous and would go the extra mile to make sure any questions were answered.Todd Nichols, Wastewater Director for City of Eaton Rapids

Every day, we strive to be the best we can be for those who need us most. At Laux, we truly mean it when we say we focus on ‘Building Business Relationship As Strong As Family’, as we don’t only view you as a client – but a friend. If you’ve enjoyed reading, please share this article to your friends and family by clicking the icons below or leave a comment below!

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