Waverly Middle School & High School Cafe Renovations

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Complete renovation of both the middle and high school cafe buildings located at Waverly Schools. New doors, frames and hardware were installed, glazing, acoustical ceiling, resilient tile flooring, sound absorbing wall panels were added to the middle school, and PLAM countertops. Painting work was also completed. The middle school received new fruit panels as well. Our supervisor on site, Greg ...

MSU Breslin Berkowitz Women’s Basketball Offices

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After doing the men's basketball offices, the women decided they wanted new offices too. Their side was very dark, outdated, and in much need of updating. While they do not have as many of the new upgrades like the men, they do have some very nice glass pieces in their video review room. This project consisted of new offices for ...

LCC Shiawassee & Capital Landscape

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This project consisted of streetscape improvements along Capitol in Lansing, Michigan. This includes sidewalk removal and replacement, brick pavers, and landscaping. It gives the college and downtown Lansing a new, welcoming and fresh look!