MSU Kellogg Center

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Laux completed several renovations to the Kellogg Center Big 10 Conference Center Room. We added several color changing lights, new flooring, paint, wall panel lights, and lighted glass panels as a decoration. Various other renovations and tasks were completed as well.

MSU-Duffy Daugherty Players Lounge

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This project was a full remodel of the MSU Football team's lounge. We installed new lighting, casework, a bar area, and a lounging area. A Gatorade refueling station was also installed.

MSU Breslin Berkowitz Women’s Basketball Offices

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After doing the men's basketball offices, the women decided they wanted new offices too. Their side was very dark, outdated, and in much need of updating. While they do not have as many of the new upgrades like the men, they do have some very nice glass pieces in their video review room. This project consisted of new offices for ...

MSU IM West Sports Pool Renovation

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We completed a large pool renovation project located at MSU. This consisted of a new pool, bleachers, locker rooms, coaching offices, and HVAC units on the ceiling. In order to reach those systems, we had to drain the pool, and bring in our own lumber to make a sturdy enough "bridge" to place inside the pool and drive scaffolds over. ...

MSU Breslin Berkowitz-Men’s Side

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We renovated the MSU Mens Basketball Coach’s offices. We constructed a new viewing room and performed renovations to their practice court. Lastly, we constructed two custom patios for the team and coaches. These patios included exposed aggregate concrete and a custom steel structure with a glass roof.